ONE Path to Instantaneously Superior Pictures is Using the Studio Backdrop

No matter whether you consider yourself like a novice shooter, budding professional, or you simply intend to shoot the best family photographs, there are many – simple – things you can apply to see an instantaneous enhancement…Keep an eye on your Studio Backdrop, move in closer, stay away from camera shake and so on. Here are some painless tricks to use the next time you head out with your film or digital camera.

Even an amateur can create professional-level pictures!

1. Be Prepared

Keep all your shooting equipment prepared for use. Bring together everything you will want in a single area. There’s nothing worse than wanting a certain thing and not being able to locate it. A camera bag is perfect; because it keeps all your stuff all together and lets you take it all with you. Everything in its place.

An effective camera bag will let you organize a miniature tripod, additional batteries, memory cards, and so forth. – including a plastic bag or watertight housing to guard your camera in wet weather conditions.

2. Hold The Camera Steady

Blurry pictures are almost always the results of camera movement. This is usually known as camera shake.

Camera shake can be caused by the wind, slow shutter speeds, vibrations of near by traffic…any quantity of stuff! Just your own shakiness, may cause your camera to shake sufficiently to blur your photos.

Brace yourself and your camera before you shooting the photo. Plant your feet securely upon the ground as well as fold your elbows in near to your sides. Rather than working with the liquid crystal display viewer at the back of the camera (the worst strategy EVER), steady the camera against your forehead and frame the photo working with your camera’s viewfinder.

You may also steady your upper body by leaning against a wall or perhaps a tree.

Pressing a shutter’s release too fierce could pull the camera to the side or downward. Think of it just like the easy pull of the trigger in firing a rifle; softly press your shutter’s release in a single smooth movement. They do not term it “shooting” a photograph for no reason! Otherwise wholly eliminate the issue of camera shake through working with a tripod.

3. Move Nearer To The Subject

One differentiation re: “snapshots” and truly excellent photography often is the arrangement of the photograph.

Unless you are firing a panoramic, open-air landscape, you’ll be able to perk up most photographs simply by means of getting closer to the subject.

Depending on the situation, it is possible to physically go nearer to your model, or else use the zoom setting on the camera (or lens) to get the same outcome.

Make an effort to get near enough to the model so you can eliminate most of the background. Mastering your Studio Backdrop can make a major difference. Fill up the frame with the “star!” You’ll be pleased by the.

4. The Portrait Backdrop – The Experts Underground Weapon

To get the most instant and dramatic improvement to the pictures – make up a few pro Studio Backdrop.

They really are painless to make, cost merely pennies on the dollar over purchasing them and will give your images a polished, photo studio appearance. A first-class Studio Backdrop tends to be the missing link for many beginner photo shooters.

You will want several “Old Masters” type Studio Backdrop as well as a pure white and a pure black. For more easy secrets, take a look at my other articles.

The Secret of Photo Enlargements

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Tips For Taking Green Screen Fantasy Photos

Increasingly popular green screen photography is adding a creative new twist to the image of small photography studios, allowing them to provide a service that big corporate photo studios have chosen to overlook. Green screening, also called chroma keying, is the type of innovative technique that can give a small studio the critical edge needed to smother the competition. Moreover, if your studio can carve out a niche with a specialty such as fantasy photography, you’ll stand out in the vast photography field.

In the world of green screen photography, there is the fantasy-theme option known as “sword and sorcery.” This includes the well-known game Dungeons and Dragons, and stories such as “Lord of the Rings.” To shoot these fantasy-theme photos, pose the client dressed in a period costume in front of a green screen, holding a “weapon” or prop such as a sword, bow and arrow, or a magic wand. Then, add digital background scenery such as breathtaking views of nature or ancient architectural structures — especially castles. And here’s a tip: If the client wants to come across in the photo with a soft, mystical look, fasten a piece of nylon to your camera lens with a rubber band. Instant dreamy mystery.

Science fiction is another widely used fantasy-theme choice. Common settings for this genre would come from Star Trek, Star Wars and Babylon Five. Some interesting choices in this genre would come from Dr. Who, a show that crosses times and dimensions, and steam punk, in which Victorian-era characters operate modern technology. This particular niche come complete with thousands of costumed characters who are eager to be photographed. Here are some ideas for unforgettable photos: For shots on a space travel theme such as Star Trek, create the Enterprise’s observation deck, featuring a large window looking out onto a vast blanket of stars, or the Ten-Forward cantina, using a contemporary bar scene for the background. Steam punk photos could be shot using interiors of Victorian homes.

Yet another category that can combine elements of the first two is that of fairy tales. Fairies and other gentle creatures are the stars of these photos. For the best fairy tale shots, use landscapes that have a aura of mystery — and just a hint of mischief. Remember, the fairy tale scenes aren’t just for children or costumed characters. There’s another unique group who love these particular photos: high school senior girls. Think about shooting portraits of them in their prom dresses, standing in front of this mystical backdrop. This way, your clients get magic and memories from a single photo.

The last category, which borrow elements from all of the previous ones and yet remains unique, is known as Anime and video game costumed characters. This type of photo requires Asian-inspired locations, both interiors and exteriors, as well as contrasting run-down warehouses or possibly historic sites that have only the barest traces of original buildings remaining.

The most important thing to keep in mind when shooting fantasy photos is that regardless of the strange, outlandish costumes you may use, and regardless of the odd locations your clients want you to create, if you can produce a believable photo you will have plenty of eager clients for many years to come.