Photo Baby Announcements

When you have a baby, your whole world changes and you may wonder how you ever survived without this precious, new little person in your life. You naturally want to show off your baby and let everyone know about that the baby has arrived. You can call everyone, or you can post on Facebook if you like, but one traditional and still popular way to let everyone know is to mail out photo baby announcements. You can do this after baby is born and when you can actually find some time when you are not exhausted. That is why it often takes a while for people to get them out in the mail.

You can make your own photo baby announcements or you can buy them through a company. What you want to do is up to you, though if you are not good with using photo editing software and if you do not want to go through buying photo paper and printing them out on your own, ordering them from a company may be faster and a lot cheaper. If you are feeling creative, go for it – otherwise, don’t worry. There are great companies that can do almost anything with your newborn photos to make a most impressive announcement that you can send out.

One thing that you must have before you can have anyone do up photo baby announcements is the pictures of your new baby. There are a few ways that you can go about getting the cool pictures that you want to share of your baby. Some use just one and some use three or four photos. You can take them on your own if you have a good camera and you can get the shots you want, or you can have a friend that has a good eye take them for you. You can also take your newborn to a photo studio to have them done by a professional. You may have to order your announcements through them if you do that, however, but they should have great options for you.

You can go with the traditional shots of the baby if you wish, or you can use whatever you want. You can use things like closeup shots of the baby’s tiny hands and/or feet on your photo baby announcements. You can use pictures of them sleeping, and many do because babies that have just been born tend to sleep more than they are awake. You can even do naked shots as long as you have them done tastefully. Remember to wait a week or two so baby has a clear face, as newborns often have some mild and harmless facial or head imperfections from birth.

Don’t stress about your photo baby announcements too much. You will get them done when you have time, even if they do not get to your friends and family until your baby is three or even six months old. Most understand how it is, and they will just be glad that you remembered to include them when sending out your most precious and exciting announcements about your new family addition.